Industry Specializations

SalesCore products are designed for every industry that needs tools for their sales teams. However our product shines outstandingly in several industry segments

Invoice to cash cycle

Hit higher invoice and sales numbers. Telco’s can use our mobile app to hit large number of sales and invoices for their SIM/SC and other product sales. With our payment gateway integration option collect payment immediately by scanning QR codes.

Serial Tracking

We understand key requirements for each industry we specialize in. For Telco’s we have special features like tracking serial numbers for SIM and Scratch cards, bundle products and many other options. We have proven customer reference with one of the biggest teclo’s in Cambodia. Get in touch with us to know more.

High Performance

SalesCore is the only proven product to handle large volumes of data which is ideal for Telco’s. By average our telco users process thousands of invoices per day with unparalleled performance with our SalesCore mobile app.

Coverage and maps

We provide geographical data based on where you operate. We have data maps with geo location to show information you have never seen before about your sales patterns and locations. Get in touch for more information

For Telco

SalesCore products can help process large number of sales invoices and the app can be used to cover all country giving you clear insight on to sales locations and product movements so you can make informed decisions.

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Invoice to cash cycle

Reduce the time from doing and invoice to collecting cash. Distributors can use our mobile app to get sales teams to create invoices on the go and these can be viewed via our web back end or even sync to an ERP software system. For cash sales collect payment immediately using our QR payment option.

Order to cash cycle

SalesCore comes complete order process solution. Sales teams will take orders from your dealers using the mobile app or the dealers can login to the web portal or use the special dealer app to place orders. Confirm orders and ship through he warehouse and cut down the order process time by half.

On demand dealer management solution

SalesCore have a built-in dealer management solution that can be activated on demand. Your dealers can be allowed access to login to the SalesCore back end to manage their orders, make payments and even we have a dealer version of the app that can be used by dealers at a special price. Get in touch with us to know more

Enroll new dealers

With our SalesCore customer/dealer creation features from the app, you can push your products to new dealers. Just get the sales teams to enroll new dealers and submit for approval.

For Distributors

SalesCore products can help to minimize the order to delivery time and invoice to cash time for distribution industry making time for more new sales.

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Orders and inventory

Managing orders and inventory is a key factor for FMCG companies. Reducing the time from order to ship and manaing inventoy and warehouse locations is the biggest success factor. SalesCore is designed to handle exactly these scnairo with fraction of the price of other software

Customer visit and route plans

FMCG being a very competitive market it is very important for you to make sure that you are always ahead of the competition. This is why we have built in feature for your salesperson to check in while he is at your dealer or customer office and you can track if he have really visited them.

Inventory costing

SalesCore mobile solution have advanced ERP level costing methods built in so that you can connect to your ERP software system using our ERP connector.

Fast-moving consumer goods

SalesCore mobile SFA is the ideal tool for the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. The rapid need for responding to orders and sales invoices, item repleinshment are things that SalesCore SFA is builit to handle.

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Maintain thousands of spare part SKU's

We are specialized for automotive industry and we have key references. SalesCore architecture is designed to handle thousands of spare part SKU and give you search results in seconds which is a critical factor for automotive industry.

Manage re-order levels

Maintaining correct spare parts re-order levels will help you save money and time. With SalesCore you can simply collect the order from our mobile app and have time to respond even if there are no inventory without alaming sales people.

Multiple sales target for SKU's

For automotive industry there can be several spare part SKU’s that need to set targets. Such as spare parts, oil or even tyre’s. With SalesCore mobile’s multiple target feature you can set separate target for each product and track progress.

Automative dealers

Having the right sales tool is the key to success if you are in to automative industry. Supporting your deals on time, to deliver spare parts, maintaning proper inventory and knowing when you reorder will make the diffence between loosing and winning over competition. Our SalesCore mobility solution is designed to help you mitigate all these problems.

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Solution for walk-in customers

Having trouble maintaining multiple software systems then look no further. With the SalesCore mobile solution for your sales orders and invoing platform, we have our web POS that can handle your walk-in retail customer.

Connect your ERP software

If you are using a accounting system or an ERP software solution, our SalesCore connectors can connect our POS with your ERP backend. This way you dont need to invest huge amounts to get a reataol ERP sofware solution. Just get in touch with and we will provide you all the details you need.

Accept online payments

Our POS is industry standard and supports multiple payment methods based on your preference. We can provide visa/master and even QR code to scanned to receive payments for your goods.



The key design principle of SalesCore was to address all areas of distribution business. We understand most distributors have a retail arm to cater walk-in customers to their office or depot. Insted of having to use muliple systems or use separate POS software, SalesCore have introduced our own web based point of sale (POS) application that connects to same SalesCore mobile back end and for a fraction of the price of other software.

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0 + dealers & customers daily

Over 100 dealers per day are created and approved with our customers using our SalesCore platform

0 + Provinces covered

SalesCore is the only mobile application that is being used to cover sales in all 25 provinces in Cambodia. There is no other app local or international with such coverage in Cambodian market.

0 + Orders and invoices daily

There are over 500 invoices per day done through our SalesCore platform with combined users. SalesCore is a proven platform that handles millions of dollars of business from our platform

SalesCore mobile is the best sales force automation solution that suite all your business needs

Stop searching more, try SalesCore mobile platform today. Packed with features to handle the sales person's practical problems
The current products in the market do not bridge the gap between salespersons real needs and system usage. How often do you see a sale person update their call records or even sit down and complete all tasks to progress the sales pipeline. Why do you ask? Simply because they do not have time and they are cumbered with things like achieving their sales targets. The design of SalesCore was to bridge this gap and also help our clients to respond faster for sales transactions such as orders and invoices. We bring the best of both worlds into one mobile platform you help you reach your goals.
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